Wedding Florists – Essential Local Keyword Research

Are you a Wedding Florist? For many florists supplying wedding flowers is the backbone of their business. But do you know the keywords your potential customers might type in?

How important are Wedding Flowers to your business?

How important are Wedding Flowers to your business?

People search in a variety of different ways.

You might think that people would search in very similar ways to find potential wedding flower suppliers in their area. But, that just simply isn’t the case. For one, people could be at very different stages of buying.

Different Stages of Buying – Not looking to buy just yet?

They might simply be trawling the internet for ideas. They might not have set a date yet or even be engaged. They might be looking for themes. They might be looking for ideas around a certain flower, or a certain colour scheme or a certain style. The types of searches that could indicate they are either not engaged or looking to buy or meet wedding flower suppliers would probably include the word ideas or themes:

  • Wedding flower ideas
  • Keywords driven by Colour Schemes – White wedding flowers, white wedding ideas (or any other colour)
  • Keywords driven by time of year – Winter Wedding Ideas, Summer wedding themes
  • Keywords driven by the flowers themselves – Rose wedding theme or Calla Lily Wedding ideas
  • Keywords driven by Styles – Romantic wedding flowers, romantic wedding ideas (or Vintage, Great Gatsby or even Steampunk)
  • Keywords driven by Locations – Countryside Wedding Theme, Wedding at Castles, Seaside, Beach etc
  • Keywords driven by Destinations/Honeymoon – Indian Wedding Ideas,  Tropical wedding themes
  • Keywords driven by Books, films or TV series – Cinderella wedding flowers, Game of Thrones Wedding ideas etc
  • Keywords driven by what they might need – Bridal Bouquets, Buttonholes, Pew Ends, Top Table Decorations

If they are now looking to meet or chat with then they might go on to look at Reviews

Who has Best Reputation? How important are Reviews?

When they have a theme/colour/style etc then the couple (or more likely just the female) might want to find who has best reputation in the area where they are having their wedding. They want to know they can trust a potential wedding flower supplier. Getting it right on their Special Day is really, really important to them. They might ask their friends and/or they might search for “best wedding florist in wherever their location is” or simply “best wedding florist” (people have got used to the fact that google knows where they are searching from).

Best Wedding Florist in Nottingham

Best Wedding Florist in Nottingham

Wedding florist near Langar Hall

Wedding florist near Langar Hall – Reviews Important if Google Map and Pins show

This assumes that they are getting married close to where they are actually searching from (google generally serves up local results for these type of searches). But in many cases brides travel back to where they were brought up to get married.

By the way, there are only 5 non paid (Organic) Results for the search above out of 16 in total without scrolling on a normal resolution laptop. The other 11 are all paid ads (Google AdWords).

Another search may include a popular local venue. From this search (on the left) the Google Map and Local Pins are shown. You can see that the florist with the 4.9/5 gold star reviews is far more visible than any others. Getting reviews for your services is massively important when Google Map results are shown. They are getting progressively more important too! You need a process to get reviews and to get them from the right people, saying the right things and published in the right places.


Do searchers include (or not include) their location

We’ve already said above that some people also include the location in their search, others don’t. Let’s just look at the keywords wedding flowers, and, as I’m in Nottingham right now, Nottingham as the location. Here you might think there are just simply 2 different variations, wedding flowers and wedding flowers in Nottingham. However, you’d be wrong. Nottingham wedding flowers, wedding flowers nottingham, wedding flowers near Nottingham are just a few of the other examples. Plus don’t forget there are similar searches for wedding florists too including (or not including the location).

Alter Your Search Location in Google

Alter Your Search Location in Google

By the way you can change the location from where you are searching (or simply check where google thinks you are) by looking at the drop-down box under Google’s search bar on a results page. Click on the search tools box and see where Google thinks you are. You can alter this to a different city or even Post Code. See the image to the right to alter your location. Have a play!

You need to think through all these keyword variations and know which are the ones most frequently searched in your area (don’t forget to include and not include the location variations). Then you need to know what to do with this information. Obviously you need these keywords on your site, but where specifically?

From this quick article I hope you can see that local keyword research not only is important but also isn’t as simple as you first might think. To find out how to do it for yourself sign up for one of our Free Webinars HERE.